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Snag Island, Washington, Winter 2012

We were called in to lend a hand and aid in the last minute necessities that come at the end of a large-scale project. We were able to assist in all aspects of the build from siding and insulation, to custom trim details (both outside and in), to designing and building in both a labor and consulting capacity to help achieve the outcome desired by both the lead builder and the home owner.

My wife and I were in the middle of construction on our dream home and we had a disagreement on a few key room and traffic flow points. Sean came in and was instrumental in mediating our discussion and really helped us make positive changes. Sean was also able to use his carpentry ability to take up the slack in a pinch and help resolve many poor workmanship issues left from our builders’ poor management. If we hadn’t had him come in and help us, I know we would have had major problems. Now we are in our house and it is a dream!
— Chris Leier