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“Tirnanog” Herreshoff sloop, North Saanich, 2012-Ongoing

A personal family project, this Herreshoff designed sloop based on the classic H28 is one of the early boats to come out of the Orient shipyards in the 1960’s. Its previous owner had died and the boat had fallen into disrepair. Fortunately, the hull, deck, inboard engine and the cabin interior had mainly survived but the cockpit, cabin roof and the mast were either delaminating or had rot-pockets. A thorough overhaul of every inch of the boat is being performed and much of the damage that was sustained during its years of disrepair is being rebuilt. Due to its age and the owner’s wish for most – if not all – of the boat to remain original much custom woodwork and painstaking attention to detail has been needed.

Re-building an old sailboat is a daunting project! We couldn’t have gotten this far without Sean’s enthusiasm, know-how, innovative spirit, and leadership. There are no straight lines on a boat and every piece has to be hand crafted, so everything is that much trickier than regular carpentry, and one needs a “feel” for the work. Sean definitely has that, and we look forward to working with him until the day we launch the boat!
— Maureen Smith